Vision Mission and Values

Interceptor’s mission, vision and values reveal our aspirations and challenges and define our way of experiencing the company.


Our mission or reason for being (for which we work every day) is to generate value for our customers and society in general by offering integrated, specialised security solutions, incorporating the most advanced technology and relying on the talent of the best professionals.


Our vision or our dream (the goal we want to achieve at Interceptor) is to be a global reference for security, respected and admired as a leader, with the aim of building a more secure world.


Finally, our values (the way of acting that differentiates us) contain the beliefs that guide our behaviour. They reflect the way we are, the way we behave and the way we work for our customers:
Proactivity: We always take the initiative in order to try and exceed expectations. We strive to turn needs and problems into opportunities, and we always adopt a positive attitude because we know that is how we can make things happen.

Value creation: We are a private company and as such we are proud to generate economic value while creating a more secure world. This is what inspires us to innovate efficiently, effectively and profitably in every area of the organisation, and also to generate value for the positions held by our people.

Customer focus: We work for and on behalf of our customers, constantly striving to identify at all times what they need and value. Our primary goal is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with us, and their security is the great motivation that inspires everything we do.

Transparency: We know that transparency is the only way to win the trust and respect of our employees, colleagues, providers and, especially, our customers. Transparency is the value that facilitates communication and participation, both fundamental elements for building a common project.

Excellence: Excellence is the sincere desire to serve our customers and address their needs, knowing that we can improve continuously and work constantly to achieve it. Rather than a goal in itself, excellence is a personal attitude, a permanent way of being, of doing things well from beginning to end – from start to finish.

Leadership: Leadership is a natural consequence of respect and trust. Leadership for achieving goals and helping others to excel by thinking positively and working together. A leader sets an example, teaches, generates a pleasant atmosphere, and ensures that everyone shares responsibilities and successes. Interceptor is a world leader and we are its team; we work together to make the world a more secure place.

Teamwork: We all contribute, we all need one another and we all play a role in the same project and the same story. There are thousands of us around the globe – every one of us different, with different skills, with different knowledge and responsibilities but all working together and sharing a commitment to a common goal.

Brand: Our brand sets us apart, transmits our values, unites us and represents us. Our brand is a living thing which we all help to build day by day with every decision we make, with our positive attitude to continuous improvement, and with the way we communicate internally and externally. Everyone who works for Interceptor is an ambassador for the brand. We are its face, its voice and its soul. The brand is our flag.